Offering a full ADR training service from our offices in Taunton and our client’s premises, subject to suitable facilities. Our courses are available with the online exams which means you get your results immediately and your card arrives quicker.

Courses and prices can be tailored to suit the qualification you require, from the full ADR (packages, tanks and classes 2,3,4,5,6,8,9) £495.00 to specialist requirements such as the carriage of gas cylinders (packages and class 2) £355.00 or flammable liquids (tanks and class 3) £355.00. These can all be booked online. Click on the date to book.

24th January – 28th January 2022

7th March – 11th March 2022

If you are not sure what qualification you require, drop us an email or call on 01823 322000 and we can help and give you a price at the same time.